Have you ever wondered how chickens end up in the supermarket? Everyday hundreds of thousands of individuals are tightly packed onto trucks that take them to the slaughterhouse. Every month, Animal Liberation & Sydney Animal Save hold vigils outside of Cordina Chicken Farm. Vigils are peaceful & non-violent. This is an inclusive event, open to vegans and non-vegans. It's a chance for us to say goodbye to the animals and remember them. It also a way for non-vegans learn about the chicken industry and animal agriculture. We ask everyone who is attending to adhere to the Save Movement Memorandum and Code of Conduct. Both groups stand by principles of peace and respect for all living beings, and truth in our advocacy. Further details can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding Read more →
Saturday 29 February 2020
Cordina Chicken Farms, Girraween, NSW (map)

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