A vegan Ethiopian menu from Newcastle's famous Habesha restaurant. Lidya Stapleton moved to Australia 8 years ago and opened Habesha Ethiopian restaurant in Newcastle NSW, 3 years later. It is now famous for it intoxicating flavours, generous and versatile menu catering to most dietary requirements and its charming atmosphere. Lidya has been cooking since she could walk, taught by her family and friends - cooking, eating and sharing food is such a part of who she is - she can't remember a life without it. Tonight she teaches you some of her most famous menu items, which also just happen to be vegan. Join her and us for this special experience! MENU: Spiced Hummus and flatbread, Injera (Ethiopian Bread), Miser Wot (Red Lentils), Kik Alicha (Yellow Split Peas), Goben Duba (Kale & Pumkpin), Read more →
5:30pm Monday 24 February 2020
The Essential Ingredient Newcastle, The Junction NSW (map)

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