Learn to cook flavour-packed vegan Asian dishes at this cooking workshop in Sydney. If you've made the choice to go vegan, or simply wanting to eat a more plant-based diet, South East Asian cuisine has much to offer: fresh herbs, veg and tofu feature prominently and dairy is rarely used. So we're off to a great start, but how do you replace that salty punch of fish sauce? And what can you do to balance the textures and ensure there's enough protein? Join us for a tasty workshop to expand your repertoire and learn tips and techniques for creating delicious and totally vegan versions of some classic Asian dishes. Whether you're a beginner cook looking to gain some confidence in the kitchen or just looking for some inspiration, this hands-on cooking class is perfect for you! On the menu Read more →
2:30pm Saturday 22 February 2020
Essential Ingredient, Surry Hills NSW (map)

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