Police approved. Wollongong Animal Save will be hosting an 8-hour vigil outside Piction Meatworx. We ask you to join us in bearing witness to the animals who will lose their lives for the sake of human consumption. In August 2019 undercover footage was obtained from within Meatworx slaughterhouse in Picton showing horrific sights - all completely legal and considered "humane". You can watch and share the Aussie Farms investigation here: aussiefarms.org.au/videos. We will gather outside a Picton slaughterhouse to hold a vigil for all of the cows, sheep, lamb, goats and pigs that have had their lives brutally taken from them within this facility. We will be having a memorial for the animals lives lost by placing flowers in honour of these animals and all animals that we continue to fight Read more →
Friday 21 February 2020
Picton, NSW (map)

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