We're organising an afternoon for us to sit down, have a meal, socialise and listen to some music. We understand these are tough times ahead: much hardship, displacement of Australian families across so many communities, destruction of vast bushland and of course so many animals have perished in these fires. Hence the reason to bring some joy, happiness and entertainment back into our lives, so that we can continue to stay positive and 'fight the good fight'. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL trybooking.com/590595 BEWARE of dodgy people selling tickets via the event discussion. Only buy from people you know and/or trust. WHAT? NO TRIVIA? It's gonna be TOO HOT and TOO JANUARY for trivia. So let's relax with some great food, great company, great Kwiz Mastah as MC. While listening to to the coconut cream Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 25 January 2020
Euro Kitchen, Fitzroy VIC (map)

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