Invasion Day sees a severe increase in consumption of animal products Australia Wide and we want to take a stand for the beings whose lives will be lost before, during and after this horrific day. This vigil has been set up by Sydney Animal Save in collab with us to bear witness to the tens of thousands of individuals who have their lives violently taken from them at this facility each week. We will aim to hold the vigil at Corowa Piggery on Friday or Monday TBC. Either followed by or following this vigil in Wodonga on. Please note that as this facility is quite large and often dont have as many truck on Saturdays, we cannot guarantee truck stops, especially if we end up attending on a weekend. We have teams reaching out to try and allow us to work with the slaughterhouse. This is still a Read more →
9:00am Friday 24 January 2020
Wodonga Abattoir, Wodonga VIC (map)

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