For the 6th year in a row, we bring you another AMAZING Vegan Picnic at the beautiful gardens on Christmas Day! Every year the fun, food and numbers grow! So we welcome everyone with open arms to come and enjoy the day with us again. This is the perfect event for those cool people who don't have anything to do on Christmas Day, who have no where to go or for those who want to be around like- minded people and delicious food, just like any other day. It is a relaxed and fun day! THINGS TO BRING 1. Your sexy selves 2. Furry friends 3. Games, toys, balls, hoops, guitars, cameras and etc 4. A plate of vegan food to share 5. Drink (alcohol or non alcohol- keep in mind it's a family friendly day) 6. A blanket to sit on or chairs 7. Family and friends Fur babies are welcome, but remember there Read more →
Wednesday 25 December 2019
Edinburgh Gardens, Melbourne VIC (map)

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