Wake Up World is a worldwide campaign held by the Animal Save Movement where activists bring along non vegan or non activist friends and family to a vigil at slaughterhouses to bear witness to them in their final moments. The aim is to help them make a connection between the individuals and the food on their plate and sign up for Veganuary: www.veganuary.com/save. This is a time of the year to get together as families and be reminded that all animals, human and non human value their loved ones. We hope that you can join us to show the victims of oppression that they are in our hearts and minds during this not-so-festive time of year. IMPORTANT Please note: Location will be sent out by message closer to the date so please confirm your attendance by clicking on the 'Reserve a Space' button. Read more →
7:00am Friday 20 December 2019
Melbourne, VIC (map)

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