Animal Liberation & Sydney Animal Save will be hosting a vigil on Thursday, 19th December at a Sydney based turkey slaughterhouse. BEAR WITNESS We ask for you to come and bear witness to the individuals whose lives will be prematurely taken. We bear witness to show our respects to them and remember them and all of the other victims who have entered the slaughterhouse and will enter the slaughterhouse. As part of the Worldwide Save Movement Network, we will be adhering to the principles of peace and respect for all living beings, and truth in our advocacy. Further details can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding and the Save Movement Code of Conduct. FACILITY This facility has approximately 8 trucks arriving 4 nights a week. A truck can carry anywhere from 500 - 800 Turkeys Read more →
Thursday 19 December to Friday 20 December 2019
South Sydney NSW (map)

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