Master the art of making Gyoza, Japanese dumplings and more! DID YOU KNOW? Most of the Gyoza you get at restaurants and Asian shops are filled with MSG? MSG is one of the worst food additives on the market. Did you also know most Japanese restaurants deep-fry the gyoza? But don't worry! This class is MSG free and we don't deep fry! You will learn how to make Gyoza the healthy way! IT'S ONLY $150! For only $150, you get a 2.5-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make gyoza, dipping sauces, seaweeds salad with Japanese style dressing, healthy instant noodle, quick dessert. We will make even healthier gyoza because we will add Japanese superfoods! BRING A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER AND SAVE UP TO $51! When you book, select special discount ticket 2 or 3 to save! WHAT'S ON THE MENU! Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 8 December 2019
Ouchi Japanese Restaurant, Sydney NSW (map)

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