Finally Melbourne is rolling out the warmer months we have all been waiting for over the past 10 months (that's what it felt like anyway)! And we only have three more months until 2019 is over already, so let's all make it count. Spring and Summer are amazing seasons for fresh starts, changes, new ideas, new products and new friendships of which many have started at the Vegan Market of Melbourne and developed beyond the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent. We have been celebrating our commitment to kindness for every single month since September 2017. Yay! Let us keep gathering and enjoy those magical moments with family, friends and furry companions on the grass and grounds as the Convent blooms into the warmer months. October, November and December 2019 will be the last markets for this Read more →
9:00am Saturday 7 December 2019
Abbotsford, VIC (map)

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