We will be in Melbourne showing the public the truth behind the animal agriculture industries. Making them aware of the power they have to make this world a kinder place by living vegan. We are welcoming both experienced and new vegans and/or activists to help us educate the public. We are set up in front of Lord of the Fries on Swanston Street (corner of Flinders Lane) Melbourne CBD. You can help out by holding TVs (displaying slaughterhouse footage), holding signs, engaging with the public through outreach, or observe interactions between volunteers and the public to help build your confidence for future interactions. You can also help out by sharing this event and promoting the demos in vegan groups and to your friends every week. You are more than welcome to come and go as you please Read more →
2:30pm Saturday 7 December 2019
Swanston St, Melbourne VIC (map)

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