Outside the Square - Q&A, our way. Across six events, our sharpest academics and graduate experts tackle a range of tricky issues. It's our version of Q&A. There's drinks. There's food. It's fun. SESSION 6 The Rise of Veganism: The end of animal farming? Driven mainly by a mounting millennial awareness of animal and environmental welfare, more than 2 million Australian adults now live completely meat free. With the health benefits of plant-based diets endorsed by Hollywood stars and commissions of scientists alike, the rise of synthetic "meat" and supermarkets selling vast ranges of vegan-friendly products, a lifestyle that was once casually dismissed as "extreme" is now chic, more accessible and widely practised than ever. Advocates say shifting from the farming of animals for meat to Read more →
6:00pm Thursday 28 November 2019
The Old Rum Store, Chippendale NSW (map)

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