We will focus our Chalktivism Events at Newcastle's major McDonalds Restaurants highlighting the catastrophic effect animal agriculture has on the environment and its contribution to climate change. This is part of a global collaborative initiative that will ongoing throughout the year. Please make a note for further Global Chalktivism events on 9/9, 10/10 etc. Chalk only on public property. Key phrases below to help inspire your Chalktivism! Please NO plastic If you are purchasing take-away coffee in the morning please only use keep-cups. The use of inappropriate language is strictly forbidden. Information below may also help outreach if members of the public engage and ask any questions. UPDATE: We will meet at Subway Carpark, Lambton Rd Broadmeadow (next-door to Fraser's Motorcycles) Read more →
1:00pm Monday 11 November 2019
Newcastle, NSW (map)

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