Learn vegan baking and plant-based sweet treats. Baking can be a tricky business - and even more complicated when you take out the eggs and dairy! So how do you bake incredible cakes or rich airy mousse with only plant-based ingredients? Join this sweet hands-on workshop and we'll show you how. On the menu Soft and light coconut cupcakes perfect pipe-able vegan buttercream Rich chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis Seasonal berry pie with handmade pastry Please note: all recipes in this workshop are nut-free Course content Common substitutes - and how/when to use them Simple baking dos and don'ts Demonstration and hands-on cooking (in small groups) to follow recipes The basics of buttercream and piping Vegan shortcrust pastry from scratch Venue My Little Panda Kitchen 209 Lilyfield Read more →
9:00am Sunday 3 November 2019
My Little Panda Kitchen, Lilyfield NSW (map)

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