The Ocean Defence Tour returns to Sea Shepherd Toowoomba's this October for an epic film Chasing the Thunder! Chasing the Thunder is a high-seas documentary about the Sea Shepherd's epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase of the "Thunder," considered the world's most notorious poaching vessel. Across two seas and three oceans, the marine activists hunted the fugitive fishing ship through massive ice floes, storms-tossed seas, a near collision and violent clashes until the Thunder dramatically sank, burying the evidence of its crimes on the bottom of the South Atlantic. Also screening the new Marine Debris film for 2019 Sea Shepherd has been on the front line for over 40 years relentlessly defending the world's oceans. Given most of our air comes from our oceans, they are our primary life support. Read more →
4:00pm Saturday 26 October 2019
Emerge Cafe, Toowoomba QLD (map)

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