Sea Shepherd Melbourne is hosting another amazing Annual Fund-raiser! Ocean Defence Tour is BACK for 2019! A Full day of Stalls, vegan food vendors, live music, speakers, and ship tours on the recently retired the MV Steve Irwin. Sea Shepherd has been on the front line for over 40 years relentlessly defending the world's oceans. Given most of our air comes from our oceans, they are our primary life support. Yet their future and ours hangs by a thread, due to the main three threats - Illegal Fishing, Plastic pollution and climate change. Come and see and hear firsthand what this lean and effective movement is doing to tackle the big three threats, around Australia's coasts and globally. This is a fight we cannot afford to lose, for if we lose this fight, we all lose. Get on board Ocean Read more →
Saturday 19 October 2019
Seaworks Maritime Precinct, Williamstown VIC (map)

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