Tired of feeling hungry with your new weight loss diets? Sick of radical diets not providing long-term outcomes? Annoyed that counting calories isn't taking you to your goal? Normally, you would have to participate in two separate courses, however, this 5-hour intensive course is a combination of the Weight Loss 1 and Weight Loss 2 menus to make this a 1 day intensive course. Don't wait to start your healthy weight loss journey- eat your way to weight loss with Japanese superfoods NOW! DID YOU KNOW? The food you eat can either aid your weight loss or be your worst enemy! Using Japanese superfoods in your meal can help you burn fat without feeling hungry! WHAT'S ON THE MENU: Easy Matcha milk Konyakku Carpaccio Cyuuka wakame salad Konyakku pasta with garlic, tomato and kale Kinako konyakku Read more →
Saturday 19 October 2019
Loft and Earth, Bondi Junction NSW (map)

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