Jardin Tan is proud to embrace Melbourne's growing love for vegan food with a Vietnamese inspired dinner on October 18th. Menu Turnip cakes, firecracker, Thai basil Hanoi rolls with taro, glass noodles, pickles, hoisin. Medley of in-season mushrooms, carrot & spring onion rolled in a large rice paper sheet and steamed Mung bean, turmeric, rice flour and coconut pancake, cooked crispy and filled with sweet potato, Asian slaw, spring onion, chilli Pulled jackfruit bao, pickles, sesame. Spaghetti squash, wombok, mixed herbs from our garden, roasted peanut Charred eggplant in a spicy turmeric curry, peanuts, taro crisps, onion and chilli Wok-fried morning glory with garlic, chilli Steamed rice. Coconut sago Read more →
6:00pm Friday 18 October 2019
Jardin Tan, South Yarra VIC (map)

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