Are you vegetarian, a new vegan, an experienced vegan, wanting to become vegan or just interested in nutrition? This workshop is for you! Whether you are vegetarian, a new vegan, an experienced vegan, interested in going vegan, or just wanting to brush up on your nutritional knowledge, you will find this workshop highly useful and maybe even a little inspiring! There is so much research and attention on plant based eating, but what does it all mean? We know a plant based diet is environmentally beneficial, but how do we do it healthily? Do you know if you are obtaining adequate nutrition from your diet? Do you know which plant foods are the best sources of protein, iron, calcium and all the other nutrients you need? Do you know how to get the right balance of omega 6 and omega 3? If you Read more →
10:00am Saturday 12 October 2019
Northcote Natural Therapies, Northcote VIC (map)

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