Two of Australia's leading experts will present a 1 day seminar to teach you the 'Why', 'What' and 'How' of a wholefood plant-based diet. Presented by Robyn Chuter and Emma Strutt, this seminar promises to be informative and engaging! Understand the impact of diet on conditions including diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity and mental health. Explore how diet affects your gut microbiome and contributes to inflammation, elevated levels of cholesterol (dyslipidaemia) and insulin resistance. Find out what foods are part of a WFPB diet (and what aren't) and the keys to finding good sources of nutrients. Be treated to some great cooking tips: What is a 'Power Plate' and how to adapt it to your needs, Getting the energy density right, Cooking without oil, Meal planning, Learn about transition Read more →
Sunday 6 October 2019
Mitchelton Library, Mitchelton QLD (map)

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