Every Friday evening, come dine healthily with Chef Kathryn Sunantha. You will be fed creative organic medicinal healthy food where pure foods are lovingly prepared (raw vegan, vegan and vegetarian) without preservatives and harsh chemicals. In a loving and peaceful setting, nourish your body with BLISSPUREFOODS and feel its healing vibes and energies after the dinner. This space is meant to be plant-based, nourishing, uplifting and joyful! Foods are handmade from scratch with intention using four very basic and traditional methods: steaming, boiling, frying and/or raw with the use of medicinal herbs and superfoods. Only coconut oil is used for cooking to prevent free radicals. The cuisine every week uses prebiotic and probiotics recipes with a creative fusion of the East and West. Read more →
7:30pm Friday 27 September 2019
Epping NSW (map)

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