Our Verbivores dream is to provide a strongly supportive environment for vegans/vegetarians and/or those on the path to becoming vegan; or sympathetic to non human animal causes, and the environment; to learn, develop and practice their speaking and leadership skills so that they too can become more effective communicators. Speeches relating to veganism, animal rights and welfare, the environment, social justice, and health are encouraged. We also like to chop things up with the right dash of humour added to spice things up a little. Guests are welcome to attend several meeting for free and may be invited to participate during the meeting, but only if they would like to, no pressure! We have a guest speaker every meeting and have an awesome agenda that pleases all palates. We value each Read more →
12:15pm Saturday 21 September 2019
Mechanics Institute, Guildford WA (map)

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Vegan Australia is more than our name, it's our goal!