No matter if you are vegan or not, we have designed this workshop to make your life healthier and easier by teaching you our best simple dairy swaps. Although one of us is a devout vegan (Lacey) and the other one is not (Veronika), we both agree that milk is for cows and babies and that consuming too much dairy can contribute so several health issues such as gut upset, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and cancer growth and it can also exacerbate various skin and respiratory conditions. Furthermore, as we grow older we produce less lactase, which makes us gradually lactose intolerant. If you struggle with one of these issues, it may be beneficial for you to eliminate dairy for a certain period of time at least. Sure, you can buy everything we will teach you in this workshop. The 'problem' Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 21 September 2019
The Essential Ingredient, Surry Hills NSW (map)

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