Everything you need to know about Kombucha from brewing to flavouring, plus more! Everybody is crazy for Kombucha! And they should be, it's a healthy and tasty tonic that's easy to brew at home and flavour exactly how you like. In this workshop you will be guided through all the steps of brewing, bottling and flavouring kombucha, plus we will share trouble shooting tips. We will also go beyond kombucha to discover the versatility of water kefir to make healthy sodas and your own coconut yogurt and learn about wild fermentation with a traditional ginger beer. In this workshop you will: Flavour your own bottle of kombucha Learn what a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) is and how to use it Take home a kombucha SCOBY to start your own brew Take home water kefir SCOBY Start a Read more →
9:00am Saturday 21 September 2019
Cornersmith, Marrickville, NSW (map)

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