Starting in lower car park meeting at 8.15am by the 6 red rocks outside the public toilets, we will begin our morning at 8.30am with a guided 15 minute meditation on the banks of the Swan River. As a group, we will start with an attunement and warm up by the river, then trek for 1.25 hours to the top of the long trail (and back) at Bells Rapids, taking the wide red path and following the rainbow crystal trail up to the golden tree lookout. Be prepared to find an array of beautiful rocks and crystals before immersing in a 45min- 1hr Hatha or Yin class, looking out over the glorious Swan Valley of Western Australia. See Kangaroos, goats, emus and birds in their natural habitat and liberate your energy in the Perth countryside. Finish with a picnic and swim in the serene, lush, green spots Read more →
8:15am Saturday 7 September 2019
Bells Rapids Park, Swan Valley, WA (map)

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