With Food by Holly Davis, co host of The Whole and Natural Foods Chefs Training Program and author and co founder of Iku Wholefood. In this special demonstration class pioneering fermenter and wholefoods and macrobiotic chef Holly Davis will introduce you to the art of making Japanese pickles. First Holly will guide you through the steps to make a nuka doko, a bed of fermenting rice bran in which vegetables are buried for as little as an hour or as long as a year, resulting in a pickle that is robust and earthy. One the other end of the flavour spectrum Holly will show you how to make crisp zuke from thinly sliced vegetables and Tasmanian seaweed. Both are exceptional condiments to expand your pickling and fermenting knowledge. Holly's knowledge is expansive, so bring your taste for Read more →
10:00am Sunday 25 August 2019
Cornersmith, Marrickville NSW (map)

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