Come join us for delicious plant-based food at Martin Place during your lunch break! This year, the LOVE Food Fair team will again bring you the best plant-based restaurants in town for you to taste and enjoy the LOVE Food. We are pleased to confirm the following restaurants will join our 2019 Fair: The Green Lion, Green Gourmet Newtown, Nourishing Quarter, Kindness Cafe, and Vege4Love. LOVE Food is the food you choose to put on your plate with love, compassion and mindfulness. Let's eat our way to good health for the animals and Mother Earth. Don't forget to bring your own utensils (plates, bowls, forks, spoons) and join us for a fun food party without waste. Like or follow our Facebook page. Read more →
Wednesday 21 August to Thursday 22 August 2019
Martin Place, Sydney NSW (map)

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