Learn to make delicious delicious dosa - crispy crepe made of mixed rice and lentils along with potato curry and delicious coconut chutney Long before the advent of American fast food, there was the dosa, a crispy crepe made of mixed rice and lentils. This crunchy, tangy wrapper perfectly complements an inventive array of light yet savory fillings that elevate the humble Indian breakfast staple to a perfect quick lunch or dinner. The art of making perfect dosas begins with the right consistency and proper fermentation of the batter, but the ultimate test is in the cooking technique. Potato Stuffing / Masala - Potato curry with spices that complements the dosa Coconut Chutney - South indian condiment made with roasted gram, onions, fresh coconut, chilli, ginger & salt that can be had with Read more →
10:00am Sunday 18 August 2019
Mum's Indian Kitchen, Cranebrook NSW (map)

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