For you my Foodie Friends! Come join us for Brunch at The Beet Retreat's favourite Vegan Cooking Class! We all love brunch but why would we sit in a cramped cafe with cars racing by when we could take a short drive out of the city to the gateway of the beautiful Yarra Valley and enjoy all a Vegan Bed and Breakfast with gorgeous rescue animals, tranquility and vast valley views has to offer <3 Time to enjoy. Time to breathe. True to the key principles of The Beet Retreat, the recipes featured in the Vegan Brunch Cooking Class will focus on fresh, healthy, all-vegan fare for the whole family to enjoy and be nourished by. Whether you are already vegan or simply interested in expanding your repertoire to include healthier foods, Cooking Classes at The Beet Retreat are loved for the delicious Read more →
11:00am Sunday 28 July 2019
The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully VIC (map)

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