Journey through Persian flavours and cuisine, with Holistic Health Coach Parvin Rezaie from The Health Loop, in this hand on cooking experience. Spend the afternoon learning how to prepare traditional Middle Eastern soup that's simple, easy and very flavorful before enjoying the food together as a group. This vegetarian Persian soup is made with herbs, legumes and caramelized onion, perfect for any day of the year. Passion for Iranian and ancient Persian dishes, inspires Parvin to teach others how to cook delicious Middle Eastern food that's been a delicacy for over 2,500 years. "The preparation, cooking, eating and sharing of our Persian food is an integral part of our society. We have food for specific occasions such as celebrations, funerals, holy days, Ramadan and Eide. It is much Read more →
1:00pm Saturday 27 July 2019
Bower Cottages Community Centre, Semaphore Park SA (map)

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