Learn about making, cooking and fermenting with miso at this vegan-friendly workshop in Sydney. There's so much more to miso than soup. A spoon or two of this good stuff can lift most dishes in an instant, giving a flavour and nutrient boost from the fermented paste. The salty, savoury punch of miso can't be duplicated by any other ingredient. And it's not just a flavour enhancer - this protein-rich food is also packed with beneficial bacteria, making it a great addition to your daily gut-healthy diet. Join this 100% plant-based workshop to learn about the many different varieties of miso, discover how it's made and learn ways to work it into your pickling and cooking. Miso reigns supreme in versatility (not to mention longevity - most miso keeps for up to a year). Miso's there whenever Read more →
6:00pm Monday 22 July 2019
Rozelle Campus, Rozelle NSW (map)

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