This event is Australia wide, and is being held in all CBDs! The public is encouraged to create separate events for easier management Industries that profit from animal abuse and exploitation have remained hidden in the shadows for far too long! With the release of recent documentaries such as LUCENT (2014) and DOMINION (2018), an empire built on secrecy will be exposed like never before - but we need your help! The tipping point is within reach - it's time to stand up and be heard. Join thousands of Australians as we paint the night together through the streets of Australia, taking the crucial message of animal rights to the people who need to see it most - the consumers. GRAB YOUR TOOLS (Paint, Chalk, Spray chalk, Posters, Stencils, Stickers) and cover the your local city with the Read more →
6:00pm Sunday 21 July 2019
Australia wide, Everywhere

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