It is always the mission of ARAS to help animals. The time has come once again to put down the TVs, Megaphones & Outreach material & instead utilize Shovels/Rakes, Fencing Equipment & Power Tools to help out the animals at Lucky Stars Sanctuary Inc As always there is an extensive list of tasks that need doing to help keep the sanctuary functioning and a few to help improve it. For this working bee, activities we will undertake are: - Clean Piggies yards of poop and replace bedding - Clean Pidgeon coop floor and nest boxes (masks will be supplied) - Rake out Sheep & Alpaca shelter - Clean disabled Duck shelter - Clear Donkey yard of poop - Rake out Peacock shelter and replace bedding - Rake out Chicken shelters and replace hutch bedding - Clear dead wood & debris - Remove temporary fencing Read more →
Sunday 30 June 2019
Lucky Stars Sanctuary, Bywong NSW (map)

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