Food generates a lot of carbon dioxide and equivalent emissions. There's the agricultural impact to grow it (think fertiliser, feed and flatulant cows). Then there's transport, processing, packaging, disposal and food waste. What we eat matters. But which area has the biggest impact? What's the best way to cut back? In The Carbon Diet, Jo Clay tries to cut her carbon footprint by 75%, testing out a different method each week. She uses carbon accounting to get her results and compares the changes against her lifestyle and that of the 'average' Australian. Jo road tested several ways to cut food carbon footprint, including intermittent fasting, veganism, vegetarianism, food packaging, food miles, reducing food waste and making simple swaps at the supermarket. She'll begin with a short Read more →
12:15pm Monday 24 June 2019
Australian National University, Canberra ACT (map)

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