Sydney's first Heading for Extinction and What to do About It talk. The talk itself will go for approximately an hour. After the talk - there will be an hour where we discuss next steps for you if you wish to join the rebellion. Heading for Extinction (HfX) and what to do about it talks are part of what engaged so many of the UK's rebels to take action. We'll discuss the future we're heading for if we do not act as well as the hope and options we do have to act. After the talk people will have the option to leave, or if they wish to join the rebellion we will have our working groups set up for you to decide how you can be a part of the Rebellion. This talk is likely to be child friendly - but might be a bit depressing - we will choose our language accordingly to the attendees. Please Read more →
2:00pm Sunday 23 June 2019
The Factory Theatre, Marrickville NSW (map)

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