The winter solstice or touji in Japan heralds the lengthening of days and new beginnings. There are a few traditions to be observed, one we can help with and one you'll have to arrange for yourself. We can of course help you with food! It's auspicious to eat food ending in "nn" (n) as it's the last sound in the Japanese alphabet and represents the last shortened day before a new beginning. Pumpkin is an important food at this time of year as it is a symbol of the sun and opposes the long night of the solstice. Adzuki beans are also commonly eaten in a rice porridge as the red of the beans is said to drive away the ominous night. We've taken these concepts to come up with the following menu: Oden stack - $17 Adzuki mushroom risotto - $10 Pumpkin Mont Blanc - $5 One of everything - $30 A Read more →
5:00pm Saturday 22 June 2019
Highgate Lane Bake House, Kingston ACT (map)

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