This is the 4th annual holding of the Brisbane MTCAS Event established in 2016 by the Save A Cow Foundation and first established by and first held in Paris in 2012 by This Brisbane MTCAS Event event is aimed at helping close all slaughterhouses globally to stop the unnecessary immense suffering of 'farmed animals', and stop the ongoing Animal Holocaust of our fellow earthlings in slaughterhouses at the hands of humans. The Brisbane MTCAS Event is in alliance and solidarity with the international community who are holding the March To Close All Slaughterhouses all around the world on the 8th June 2019. Description of Brisbane Event Details: WE MEET AT THE GRAND RAMP AT KING GEORGE SQUARE, JUST NEAR BRISBANE CITY HALL, ADELAIDE STREET, BRISBANE CITY FROM 10.30am for Read more →
11:00am Saturday 8 June 2019
King George Square, Brisbane QLD (map)

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