This month's discussion: Topic Title: Gender is Messy, Language is Imperfect Topic Overview: "I've been searching all my life for a rock-bottom definition of woman, an unquestionable sense of what is a man. I've found nothing except the fickle definitions of gender held up by groups and individuals for their own purposes" - Kate Bornstein In modern-day Australia, gender is widely understood as being binary, with the categories of men and women, being solid, stable and fiercely defended. More recently, some people have carved out space for themselves, somewhere in between or outside the binary categories, however, even with these new and emerging categories, there are often similar assumptions that these are solid, stable categories and lateral discrimination and gate-keeping are rife. Read more →
11:00am Saturday 1 June 2019
Hares & Hyenas, Fitzroy VIC (map)

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