We are excited to host Mark Doneddu president of Veg Vic Victoria and the main organiser of the Melbourne World Vegan Day for a health talk on Thursday 30/05. His life is dedicated for the wellbeing of humanity and animals, he is one of most caring person you will ever come across. Mark is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to food and nutrition and on Thursday he is giving a presentation on The Hottest Health Topics. The talk will present scientific evidence to answer some of the hot health topics that are getting a lot of attention: Can I be fat and healthy? What role do genes play with our health? Do Mobile phones increase cancer risk? Can sugar actually be healthy? Is one glass of red Wine good for us? What about High Fructose Corn Syrup, Stevia and the different artificial Read more →
6:30pm Thursday 30 May 2019
Mantra Lounge, Carlton VIC (map)

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