Taking raw vegan desserts next level! Raw desserts are often much the same, I speak here from experience, as I have designed, made cakes & desserts for some of Melbourne's most well know trendy health establishments, like SoulPress, Green Street Juice, Seretonin Eatery, Particles Cinnamon Cafe, Little Sunflower Cafe, Glo Health & The Staple Store. But this WORKSHOP is all about my crazy alchemical ideas on how to give your DESSERTS and SWEET TREATS a MEDICINAL TWIST, using the best herbal tonics & superfoods from my fav company Teelixir, as well as the art of using wild fermentation to give added medicinal benefit to your healthy sweet treats. This concept is very experimental, I don't know of anyone else doing desserts this way. I run my workshops in a very free flowing sharing organic Read more →
Sunday 26 May 2019
Blackwood VIC (map)

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