Join us for a delicious afternoon of vegan cooking and tastings. Our ASMY chefs are bringing you a heap of tasty, easy to make nourishing meals and YOU get to cook! Suitable for both experienced cooks who are on the lookout for different ideas and techniques as well as "I have never cooked a vegetable in my life" newbies, this workshop will have something for everyone. We know that changing the way you eat or introducing new foods and cooking techniques into your diet can sometimes be overwhelming, so we will be stepping you through a full day's meals from breakfast to dessert and have put together 7 days of recipes and instructions to give you an awesome launchpad for your vegan cooking adventures. This fun packed afternoon includes fresh food ideas, vego cooking tips, the opportunity to Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 25 May 2019
Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, West End QLD (map)

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