Join us on the afternoon of Saturday May 25th as we celebrate International Respect for Chickens month at Little Oak Sanctuary! A tour of the sanctuary will be provided where you can meet the animals, hear their stories and learn about the plight of their species in Australia. We'll also be providing a supper with chicken and egg free delights - think vegan quiches, egg free mayonnaise in that potato salad and egg free meringues! Please wear sturdy shoes, a warm jacket and bring a hat, sunscreen and water! *If you have an SUV or 4WD with good ground clearance and are happy to take your vehicle over a small creek crossing you can drive yourself, please choose the "own 4wd/SUV" ticket option - this is so we know how may people we need to provide a lift over the creek to. *Kids under 3 are Read more →
1:00pm Saturday 25 May 2019
Little Oak Sanctuary, Braidwood NSW (map)

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