Join us in a peaceful and respectful demonstration to pay tribute to the victims who have lost their lives at the La Ionica slaughterhouse where 500,000 baby chickens are killed each and every week. The action will involve a funeral style tribute with leafleting and outreach to the public. If you can, we would like to ask you all to bring some flowers which can be either real or imitation. All details will be disclosed at the briefing at 3pm. If you have any questions please message directly. Thanks and look forward to seeing you all there for the chickens! International Respect for Chickens Day, May 4th is an annual project launched by the United Poultry Concerns in 2005 to celebrate chickens throughout the world and protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. Respect for Read more →
3:00pm Saturday 4 May 2019
Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC (map)

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