Due to our contribution to Peanuts Funny Farm. Tracey has invited us down to meet the latest addition to the family. Jack - a 29-year-old horse, destined to tough times, but now saved. The latest addition to their ever-growing Peanuts family. Welcome to Peanuts Funny Farm! (peanutsfunnyfarm.org.au) If you want to see our previous adventures, check out V Star members video here (vimeo.com/82611298) PFF care and rehabilitate many neglected stock/domesticated animals. PFF has a no-kill policy; therefore the animals live out their lives on the farm. The animals share the farm with children that are often from abusive families themselves. The farm holds 2 bulls, 4 horses, 3 mini horses, 3 pigs, 4 dogs, rabbits and plenty of natural wild life. They added 2 goats as well last year. This a Read more →
10:00am Saturday 4 May 2019
Peanuts Funny Farm, Goulburn NSW (map)

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