The Easter egg symbolises new life, fertility and rebirth. Ironically, day old male chicks in the egg industry are gassed or 'macerated' (ground up alive), the 'layer hen's' reproductive system is completely exploited and when their egg production slows down, they are sent to slaughter and replaced with young chickens who will suffer the same process. The Parkwood Egg Facility confines 200,000 lives. Stand with us and Animal Liberation ACT shining light on these unique and intelligent individuals who endure a miserable short life, locked away in windowless sheds. Bring signs with messages of kindness and hope for these birds and a candle to light in solidarity. LED candles can be more effective if it's windy. More details coming soon! Read more →
6:00pm Saturday 20 April 2019
Parkwood Eggs, Macgregor ACT (map)

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