Exploring common questions, concerns and potential pitfalls: Learn how to navigate the world of vegan and vegetarian nutrition! Vegetarian and vegan diets are increasing in popularity, but with the rising tide of vegetarianism can come a wave of questioning, often from concerned family members and friends: Where do you get your protein? What about iron? Is vegetarianism safe for children? The questioning goes on. Join naturopath Niki Cleuet for an informative evening exploring common concerns and questions regarding vegetarian diets, as well as the potential benefits and pitfalls that come with the terrain of plant-based cuisine. This workshop is for: New vegetarians and vegans, Parents of vegetarians and vegans, Seasoned vegos, and Those interested in or curious about vegetarian diets. Read more →
7:15pm Thursday 18 April 2019
Perth Health & Fertility, City Beach WA (map)

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