Please join the Sydney Animal Activist community to unite in a peaceful week-long demonstration standing in solidarity with the 12 activists from Legion DX Sydney & NSW Hen Rescue who face a collective 60 years in prison for attempting to liberate the thousands of sick and dying hens subjected to horrific neglect and cruelty by Shaun Stone, at his free-range egg farm in Lakesland NSW in June 2018. It was mid-June 2018, when an anonymous member of the public found and immediately reported what would turn out to be a disturbing scene unfolding at a free-range egg laying facility in Lakesland NSW, owned by Shaun Stone. Upon contacting the RSPCA, they were referred to the local police, both bodies failed to act, despite both being endowed with the powers to enforce POCTA (Prevention of Read more →
Monday 25 March to Friday 29 March 2019
Liverpool Court House, Liverpool NSW (map)

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