Fancy a beautiful vegan picnic at Araluen. Come enjoy an incredible range of vegan food and drinks all supplied by Ayarah. Our picnics are held in the lush greens gardens of Araluen botanic park, located in the Roleystone Hills. Come enjoy the beautiful gardens and freshwater running stream, all while enjoying a huge array of sweet and savoury delights whipped up by Ayarah. Once greeted you will be seated at our low picnic tables on soft blankets and cushions. Your tables are equipped with everything you need to enjoy the afternoon. We have a huge line up of food on offer for the afternoon including our famous Ayarah vegan cheese! So grab your friends, family and loved ones to join us in this incredible picnic spread! Tickets include entry to Araluen and a complimentary welcome drink on Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 23 March 2019
Araluen Botanic Park, Roleystone WA (map)

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