Mornington has some of the best vegan eateries, wineries and shopping in Victoria. Let's get out of Melbourne and spend a fun day Eating, Drinking, Shopping, learning and laughing in Mornington. A Mercedes mini bus will pick us up from the front of North Melbourne Railway station at 8.30am On Saturday the 23rd of March. I'll take your orders for takeaway coffees or any drink of your choice on the bus and we will stop at Matcha Mylkbar to pick them up on route to Mornington. First stop at Conscious Cravings to pick up some sweet tarts for my guests. Breakfast will be at Hunter Cafe. Shopping at Wombat cafe, Thrive bulk whole foods, A good scout, Flock of Seagulls, Hawkes vegetables at farm gate and a cooking demonstration using jackfruit! Lunch will be at Assaggini, the chef is going to Read more →
Saturday 23 March 2019
North Melbourne Railway Station, West Melbourne VIC (map)

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